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Now That You've Decided to Move, Where Do You Start?

Call me of course and navigate the real-estate market with a local expert.

I am a 100% full time dedicated broker with 17 years’ professional experience, a residential property expert with multi-million dollars in sales, master’s degree in business (MBA), and I have lived locally for nearly 30 years.

Just to forewarn you - as soon as you mention that your moving, almost instantly, everyone seems to “know” an agent in the business.

Don't feel pressured. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose a professional whose qualifications, experience and expertise match your needs. You are not obligated to hire anyone. Family, friends and money often don’t mix.

You are hiring a person, not a franchise. Some national franchise companies hire thousands of agents. While some are top-notch, others may brand new to this business.  How do you know which agent you will get?

Family owned real estate companies, like mine, are typically smaller in size, have less overhead, offer more flexibility, freedom, independence, and control of their business. Many of these independent agents are experienced and do not need the "structure" of a franchise.

Thinking of selling by owner? It's more involved than most people realize.

Marketing, staging, appointments, buyers, offers, negotiations, price, deposits, contracts, banks, lenders, appraisers, title companies, law offices, inspections, repairs, deadlines, walk throughs, and closings. These are major commitments that will take a lot of time away from your busy schedule, work and personal life.  Don't forget... you're planning a move for yourself too.